Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to make a mask (Yokai from big Hero 6)

How to make a nice flush mask

I am wokring on Yokai (the bad guy from Big Hero 6).  It looks like in the movie that his mask fit really really close to his head.  So I wanted mine to be as flush as possible.

I spent 2 weeks on a pepekura mask that just got worse and worse. 

So I gave up on that and took a head mold I had made.  I covered the head mold in vaseline.  And put the worbla right on top.  I shaped it to my head. My head is very lumpy. 

Once I had the shape the way I wanted I covered it in 3 coats of wood glue. I smoothed out the last coat of wood glue with a wet finger while the glue was still wet.

I then cut out the eyes.  I kind of eye balled this.  Ohhh.

Once that was done I did some wet sanding with 800 grit to try to get it smooth,  super smooth.

I used an opaque projector to get the lines right on the mask.  I set it up in my bathroom. And traced away.  An opaque projector is a awesome little gizmo.

I painted 1 coat of cheap-o white paint.  3 coats of fancy satin white paint.  3 coats of the red and black in poster paint.  And then 3 coats of glossy enamel. 

Below is the inside of the mask.  I hot glued some gold reflective sunglasses lenses on the inside.  I also contact cemented some craft foam around the edge, so the mask can kind of breath, and doesn't get to sweaty.  I also used some terraflex scraps to add some D-ring on the inside to attatch the loop so I can wear it.  I think it worked ok.  I would give this make a high 'C'.  I have a group cosplay with this character in November,  so I will re do it.  

Below is how this masks looks at its first convention.

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