Sunday, July 12, 2015

One thing leads to another
I was fixxing my Mr Freeze gun.  And I wanted to touch up the finish.  The bondo job wasn't perfect.  So I thought hmmmm.  I have a huge sheet of stryene.  Would that work?

Experiment time:
Can PVC glue work with styrene,  and PVC?
Can I bevel Styrene to get a nice tight corner? Or would a butt joint look better?
Will it take paint?

So if you look on the right I glued some chunks, and painted some.  As a test.

And one thing lead to another.  My Mr Freeze gun was the first gun  I ever made.  I didn't do a to scale drawing of it.  I just kind of free handed it from a pizza box.  I did some thinking and I think I can remake most of the gun with stuff I have on hand.  I need some PVC for the barrels, and more metallic spay paint.  But I have a huge sheet of stryene,  and I wouldn't have to bondo the darn thing.  And I could do a nice tutorial for adding lights to a gun.  Hmmmmm

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