Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Joining Sintra without a visible edge, or seam.

In the world of TV most things don't have seam lines or nuts and bolts.  They are just blocks of stuff.  Yeah,  in the real world we have joints and nuts and bolts.  So I am trying to make a gun out of sintra,  and see if I can have no seams.  Just make it look like a block of ...  gun.

So I took some .22 inches thick sintra,  beveled the edge.  I just used some sandpaper, and time.  And beveled it.  I glued it together.  And from 1 inch it looks horrible.  But from 10 inches it looks great, yes I measured.  So I thought,  lets paint it.  What does paint do.  It shows all the imperfections.  And I did get a little of the PVC glue on the 'finished' side.  So when I do this on the final product,  I suspect I need to put some masking tape on the finished side,  And see if I can get a nice clean joint. 

I think it looks ok,  from at least 10 inches away.

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