Friday, July 10, 2015

Gun Repair:

I made a Mr. Freeze costume last year.  It was my second costume ever.  I learned alot.  And for reasons I don't understand,  it is my most popular.  I think it is cause I am tall, and my head is all white.

Anyway,  I made the gun out of cardboard and PVC.  I slowly replaced the cardboard with wood and bondo.  So most of it looks good.  Except the end of the barrel.  That is a cereal box.  And little kids like to hold the gun.  And maybe I bang the gun against stuff.  Anyway,  the end was showing some where.  So I figured it was time to upgrade it.  

So I removed the cardboard of the main barrel.  Yup,  2 pvc pipes hot glues together.  It works.  But it gives me a horrible edge to deal with.  I am guessing the styrene with smooth it out.  

The above pictures show hot glue and cardboard.  Not the best.  Below is my Ozpin cane I made. I had a electrical conduit (i think pvc) coupler I cut and capped with acrylic sheets.  The top side comes of for the battery.  The bottom side is fixxed on there. I glued a rough cut octagon of acrylic with some e6000.  Then dremeled it close to the shape.  The sanded about a 5 degree bevel with 220 grit paper until I couldn't feel an edge.  I think it looks pretty good.
So I can make a nice smooth edge.
I am horrible at estimating,  so I grabbed my handy caliper,  and measured the outer diameter of the larger barrel.  I grabbed my handy hole cutter bit for my drill and cut out circles for the barrels.  Then I realized the hole saw cut holes in the middle of the piece.  Crud,  that is fine for 1 barrel,  but not fine for both.  So one piece I eye balled a chunk.

I used styrene. Because I think the texture will be similar to PVC, so it will blend in.  Also I have a huge piece I am trying to use up.  

I glued them in place with some e6000.  And left them to dry.  Always give the glue time to dry.  Tomorrow I will dremel the excess off,  then hand sand it smooth.  And paint paint paint.

Also I have my LED's still in the barrel.  I crammed some colon balls down the barrel,  so if any glue dripped inside,  the cotton balls would deal with it.  And I won't ruin the LED's.

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