Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to make a Light Box

Light Box

Everyone has different talents and skills. It is good to know what you are not good at.  I am not good at freehand.  Nope.  So I will find a graphic on the internet.  Make a vector from it.  And print out that vector to make things work.  I have been looking at light boxxes for a long time.  But they can be $50 or more.  And I am sure they are totally work it.  But I don't have $50.  So I thought could I make one.
I just had a clear-is box,  some Christmas lights.   What else do you need.

This is how it looks.  The fabric is cheap Muslin.  I think it works.  

 This is the fabric when I am done. 

If I do this again.  I would get a piece of cardboard the size of the box.  And poke all the christmas light through the cardboard.  To help focus the light better.  Also maybe line the inside of the box with aluminum foil,  or something reflective.

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