Monday, June 22, 2015

I made a snowglobe for my Mr. Freeze in Nov 2014.  I broke it in March 2015.  It seems a snowglobes will not survive a mere few feet fall.  Whoops.

So I grabbed the figurine as fast as I could. It was hard for me to find a ballerine in this size.  She is a cake topper. So I threw her in my bag.  Left everything else behind.  And was mad.

I got home.  Ordered a new globe. I looked at the figure. And the paint was flaking off. I peeled most of it off with my fingers.  I put it in my ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and removed 90% of it in 5 minues.  Not good.  So I set about figuring out how to make paint last underwater forever.

I assumed that my cake topper was the same plastic as plastic forks.  I painted 5 forks. All in different colors of enamel. Then coated them in different clear coats (resin spray, shellac, laquer, poly urathan).  And one control.  I let them sit in my jewelry cleaner until I saw a result. 3 weeks later the Shellac seemed to be untouched.  The rest had areas when paint was removed. So I finished enameling my figurine. Then shellaced her.

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