Monday, June 22, 2015

I do a Mr. Freeze cosplay.  He is a fun character.  It is a good costume to wear if you want your picture taken a lot. Horrible for shopping or trying to get things done.

One of his props is a snow globe.  I broke mine at Wizard World.  So I set about to remake it.
 When you make a snowglobe. According to other people on the internet, it is best to use distalled water.  So nothing grows in it.
One the figure is finished I plastic cemented her down. Then epoxy over that. Then a big thick continous bead of plastic cement around the perimeter for the dome. Once that is dry time to add water. The hole is really small really really small.  I found some cheap dollar store squirt guns worked well to pull the air out.  And the base held a little bit of water.  So using the squirt gun to pull the air out, I had it filled in about 1/2 hour.

I didn't realize until this step,  but the shellac on the figure reacted with the plastic cement fumes and was turned a little white-ish.  I can't fix it now.  So,  I guess I like it,  she looks more frozen-ish.

I also put grip tape or skate board deck tape on the bottom to help me hold it. My gloves make everything slippery.

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